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Swecore started out as a DIY one-man cover band of Swedish punk rock classics from the 90s, but amazingly transformed into a worldwide musical collaboration. As production went forward I realised my vocals were not frontman material and vocalists from bands such as The Decline, Straightline, One Hidden Frame, Fast Food Society, The Stifled… gladly came onboard and made the project grow in a way I could have never anticipated.

I’m Teo, a Spanish/Swedish guitarist and producer that fell in love with punk & hardcore music in the 90s. I’ve been playing, recording and producing ever since I can remember and will keep on doing so until I’m unable. Rötter is my way of expressing my gratitude and honouring the great bands that have given my life a soundtrack. It’s the first Swecore project, I have several more in mind, so stay tuned.

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